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29 October 2016 @ 03:59 am
[FIC] Love Will Find A Way  
Title: - Love Will Find A Way
Author: - Ranilukes
Pairing: - YunJae, Yoosu
Genre: -
Rating: - PG [not sure]
Disclaimer: - I don’t own YunJae or the others as well.
Warning: - Mpreg. Think as the world where men can get pregnant… which is my world.
Summary: - Jaejoong’s life about to change.

love will find a way

Chapter 15


Saturday 1:23am

Jaejoong woke up has he heard sounds in the bedroom, he site up and turn the table lamp on.

 "Sorry. I woke you, I was trying to be very quiet but that didn't work.  Go back to sleep" he smiled and look other side.

 "Yunho sshi" he was shocked to see him standing in the front bed.

"Yes. Jaejoong?" He said to his wife.

 "I thought you were going to be back in the morning....!" He said to Yunho while he rubbers his right eye and yawns.

"Do you want me to go back and come in later?" He chuckled see the looks on his wife's face.

"No. I didn't mean it like that..." he sighed and said "welcome home Yunho sshi"

"Thank you, it's good to be home." He walks towards to his wife and leans down and kissed him on his forehead and Jaejoong blushed.

"Do you want me to get you something to eat or drink Yunho sshi"

"no I am fine... you go back to bed, I just need a shower" Yunho walks towards to bathroom.

Jaejoong lies back on the bed and close his eyes leaving the lights on.  After few minutes he felt Yunho getting under the duvet and Jaejoong didn't open his eyes, he pretended to be asleep. Yunho got closer to his wife and he place his left hand on Jaejoong's tummy and pulled Jaejoong closer but that's was all, he didn’t do any funny business.

"Mhmm.. ah..whhhat?" someone shaken him?

"Yunho sshi please wake up.? It's 10 o'clock” He told his husband.

Yunho was still in the bed "it’s getting late Yunho sshi?" All of sudden Jaejoong was pulled on the bed and both rolled.

 "I am up Jaejoong" Yunho is on top of wife’s body and Jaejoong hair was on his face. "You are so Beautiful Jaejoong" he moved Jaejoong's hair out of his way and leans down and kiss him on his lips, pushing it part, Jaejoong felt his husband's hand gone under his clothes "Yunho sshi No"  Yunho looks at him....

"You really know how to kill the mood Jaejoong" he was pissed off.

 "I am sorry Yunho sshi but we're going to be late?"

"Why are we going to be late Jaejoong? " he looks at him with curiosity.

 "You forgot! We have guests coming over for lunch!" It took him less than 30 seconds to realize "oh damn. I cannot catch a break can I!" Jaejoong giggles "I need to go now Yunho sshi" he sighed and said "fine you can go now" "hmm Yunho sshi" Jaejoong looks at him "Yes"...? "Your hand" which was still under his top and has let go of his breast.

"Please.  Yunho sshi" he let go.

 "Kiss me Jaejoong?" He blushed before he can kiss his husband; Jaejoong pushed him away and got off the bed "Sorry. Get ready" he told him and fixing his hair and clothes.  "I'll get you Jaejoong later" he smiles.


The Choi family was the first to come..." Thank you for coming" Yunho Said to his friend and his wife "Thank for inviting us”... Four of them sat down in living room and Siwon daughter and Changmin went to play outside.  They were waiting for the Park's. "I hope your friend and his wife can make it today?" Yunho said to his wife.

"Oh, Yoochun coming? That's good haven't met his wife yet but I have seen his pictures Yoochun showed me at Yunho successes party" Jaejoong cousin said "have you met him?" Heechul asked Jaejoong. "Yes few times now”
After few minutes later the Park's had arrived. Yoochun hugged Jaejoong but Yunho didn't like it.

"Sorry for coming late" he told everyone. Yoochun hold of Junsu hand and help him. "Meet Jaejoong’s husband Jung Yunho and my wife Park Kim Junsu" Yunho forward his hand to greet him but Junsu stood there with speechless expression. "Nice to meet you Junsu thank you for coming to my house.  Have you met my wife and son" Yunho proudly introduce his family.

“Yes. I have met them” Junsu saw completely different person.

Yunho pulled Jaejoong closer and place kiss on his cheek and said "meet Choi Siwon and his wife Heechul” both Choi’s greet them and Park’s did the same thing. He lead his guest into the dining room they sat down, soon as they sat down Siwon started talking about business but Heechul said "honey we are not here for the business, you came here to see your friends and family and to have lunch with them"

Siwon “sorry sweetie I forgot we are a businessman we can't help ourselves  talking about business" he looks towards friend and Yoochun "am I right boys! Even your cousin he's into business" He looks at Jaejoong and smiles with him. “oh brother in law please don't drag me  into this your wife is going to kill me if I take your side and I don't blame him you to talk a lot about business when we have lunch or dinner, even parties" Heechul smile and he pinch on Siwon cheek. Siwon whispers please wife "honey you know, I don't like you pinching me on my face in public" Heechul says "you're too cute" Siwon kiss his wife on cheek front of everyone.

"Mum and dad! I'm trying to eat please don't make me puke" before anyone could say to them their daughter told off Siwon and Heechul, it made everyone laugh.

"Bro, your daughter is something huh" Yoochun told Siwon. “She takes after from Kim's. she's just like how mother" Siwon reply back to Yoochun "wait till your kids comes out you will have the same problem Yoochun"  all of them laughed
"Junsu you've been awfully quiet are okay" that's true he has been very quiet he hasn't said a word since they set down.

"Junsu sshi!" Heechul called "Junsu which side of family do you want your child to take a side Parks or Kim's?"
Junsu said in softer voice" I want my child to be just like his father!"  Yoochun put his hand on his belly and rub his belly. Junsu look towards to his husband and smile.

 "Yeah but Changmin is not like the Kim's, probably got that from his father's side? What do you think Jaejoong?” Siwon asked his wife's cousin.

Everyone silent he was very awkward moment for Jaejoong and Yunho but Siwon realize his mistake and apologize “I’m sorry Jaejoong, I didn't mean it" Jaejoong smiles awkwardly.

“You are right Siwon, he takes after my side of the family” Jaejoong looks at him “Yes Jaejoong, even though I am not his biological father” he smiles. Junsu looked at both them…

 Heechul quickly change the subject “the food tests really good Jaejoong" his cousin told him. Which everyone agrees?

"Mum can me and Max go play outside" Heechul daughter smiling at her mother "yes but after you finish your lunch"

"Me to mummy" Changmin also asked his mother. "Sure baby"

One of the wine bottle was finished Jaejoong  notice "I'll go get new wine bottle" but Yunho stopped his wife getting up
"Jaejoong please set down  I'll go get it" as he got up and left the room. Junsu also got up "Junsu  where are you going? " his husband asked "washroom"

"Let me show you Junsu sshi" Jaejoong told him which  Junsu  accept his  offer. "You don't have stay here  Jaejoong sshi"  he smiled and left him.

Few seconds later Yunho grab his hand and said "you’ve been busy Junsu! aren't you shame are you married to my wife's best friend just to get close to me" Junsu  got angry "first of all didn't marry Yoochun just get to get closer to you I love him" Junsu free his hand from his grip "I could say the same thing  to you, you got married to Jaejoong just to get that boy!”

"What the fuck are you on about" he was confused

“Oh God Yunho, don’t pretend not to know. The child is yours?"


"I never thought Yunho Jung is father" he looked at Yunho and laughs at him and continues "I never thought you'll be settling down someone like you  but don't deserve Jaejoong"

“what?” yunho said “It doesn’t make any sense what you are saying” Yunho was angry.

“you don’t know? Ha ha ha! Huh” evil laugh, Junsu felt sorry for him. “Mr. Jung Yunho doesn’t know has a child!” Junsu rub his forehead “this is really funny Yunho…”

“What child? Oh don’t tell me you had my child?” it made Yunho so nervous

“No. it’s not me” Junsu continue

“Jaejoong” Yunho gut twisted at the word out Junsu mouth

“its Jaejoong? What a destiny god gave you Mr. Jung?”

“That's impossible” looked into his eyes

“Luckily that's the truth Mr Jung.  I saw him 5 years ago leaving your room if you don't believe me you can do a test DNA. How do you feel now? The man who didn't want to have a family or to be in a relationship what change your mind? There must be something you after. Anyway not my problem anymore I don't want anything to do with you” Junsu told “ I don't want you to talk with me I left things very clear five years ago and I want to keep it that way I love my husband”
Yunho was shocked a child impossible my child he put his freehand through his hair it can't be true Junsu  just playing around like always if he didn't get anything he want junsu will say or do anything.

“I am changed and I'm happy with my life Junsu...”

“if you say so?” before Yunho says anything to Junsu they were interrupted.

"Junsu are you okay?" Both them turned around saw Yoochun "oh Yoochun. Mr Jung was showing  me to way dining room" he looks at his husband and Yunho and  smiles.


That evening Jaejoong notice his husband was very quiet and he hardly said a word. Jaejoong want to ask him but he didn’t because Changmin was there sitting next to Yunho watching TV and Jaejoong could tell his husband had no interest in watching TV.  After half an hour Yunho got up and told his wife he has some work he need it to finfish, which Jaejoong didn’t ask any questions.

It was passed midnight; Jaejoong is waiting for his husband, which he got tired of waiting. Jaejoong remembers; He knew something was off about his husband, the way his was acting since the Chios and Parks left.  Yunho didn’t eat dinner that evening.  When Jaejoong went to his study office to ask him for dinner but Yunho decline and Jaejoong even offer snack and drink but still refused. He was worried about his husband so he decided to go check on him.

First Jaejoong pick into Changmin’s room to see his son was sleeping which he was. Then he made his way to Yunho’s office, Jaejoong knock on the door but there was no respond so he enters the room. He saw there were few files on the desk laptop and bottle of whiskey and a glass half full.

“Mr Jung…” he called his husband but he soon realize and called again “Yunho sshi” there was no respond from Yunho “Yunho sshi” he said bit louder, which Jaejoong got his husband’s attention .

“Jaejoong, why are you still up?” Yunho asked his wife.

“I can say the same thing, its past midnight Yunho sshi..” they both looked at each other’s eyes “you haven’t eaten your dinner and your are drinking. Is everything okay?”

“Yes everything is fine Jaejoong. I have to finish few papers for tomorrow’s meeting”  Yunho gave fake smile and continue “go back to bed I will be there in 30minutes” but Jaejoong just stood there staring at his husband  “I will be there, you have to wake up early to get ready Max so go to bed” Jaejoong didn’t say anything and left.

After 30minutes passed there was no sign of his husband, he stayed wake till 2am but eventually he fell asleep.

Next morning

 Jaejoong woke up sound of his alarm and he turn off alarm. He saw his husband sleeping next to him he felt relief. He got up and started his day;  he started his morning chores getting ready his son to school and  breakfast. It was after 8 he saw his husband came down say bye to his wife and son. His wife asked him "Yunho sshi? Breakfast!"

Yunho smiled and said to his wife "I have early meeting so I will eat breakfast in office." Jaejoong looks confused and said " it's not even 9 o'clock" Yunho saw the fear in his wife eyes but he smiles and gave kissed on his wife lip.

Jaejoong blushed  "Yunho sshi... please..." before Jaejoong could say anything Yunho said "oh I will drop Max to school today, so will have time to eat your breakfast"

"But Yun...." Yunho interrupt his wife

"Come on Max say bye to Mummy" he took Changmin's school bag. Changmin kissed Jaejoong.

"Bye Jaejoong, see you in evening" he smile

Jaejoong was left confused the way his husband just act. Yunho was definitely acting weird, definitely something is wrong and he was worried.


Jaejoong was busy with his daily work in the office even though his husband he's acting crazy not crazy but weird he thought. He started to imagine things and his brain was full of thought.

His mother walking to his office she stared at him for few minutes just standing near the door. "honey! Are you alright?"

"Mum... what! I am fine and why are you standing there" he replied to his mother. Jaejoong mother gave him looks "what?"

"Nothing, if you say so" she smiles and continues "oh... I needs new Kim project file"

Jaejoong got up the file out of Shelf behind him. "Here... mum?"

"Why? Is there a problem with this project?" Jaejoong was worried.

"No. There's no problem but I just want to double check, thank you" Mrs Kim took the folder and left. As his mother left he couldn't concentrate on his work so he decided to get out and have a coffee.

Jaejoong came out the coffee shop and saw Mr Shin his husband PA.

"Hello Mr shin" Jaejoong smile

"Oh hello Mrs Jung, how are you? " he greet his boss wife.

"Very well, and you!" Jaejoong reply


"Mr Jung is here also?" Jaejoong asked

"No. Mr Jung took day off for personal business." He smiled feel relief.

Jaejoong smiles back understand where Mr shin was coming from, he knows Yunho is very rude and bossy. Mr Shin said bye to Jaejoong and left.

In Jaejoong head "personal business" huh! He thought. He called Yunho but his called went in to voice mail and So Jaejoong texted him to see where he was? Jaejoong curiosity turns into jealousy. He had headache just thinking about so, He called his PA and told her that he was taking afternoon off. Jaejoong was glad he had his bag with him.  He left little sick, Jaejoong just want to go home lie down and he also want to find out what was his husband was up to?


“Mrs Jung you are early today? Are you okay?” Has Jaejoong walked into his house, John questioned him.

“oh John… I am fine… I just want to lie down ” Jaejoong smiled “John can you pick up Max please today from school ”

“sure thing Mrs Jung… do you need me to get you anything?” he asked

“no that’s fine” has he went upstairs to his and Yunho’s  bedroom, he walk straight to the bed. Jaejoong drop his bag on the floor, took of his shoes well as his jacket and covered himself with duvet.  He had migraine which made it worse and he let out heavy sigh “Jaejoong! Let not jump into the conclusion” he told himself.  Before he knew it he was asleep.

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