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19 May 2013 @ 11:26 pm
[Fic] My Darkness and the Light! [REPOST]  
Title: - My Darkness and the Light! [REPOST]
Pairing: - Yoosu, Yunjae, Minho and Changmin
Genre: - Drama, Romance
Rating: - PG
Disclaimer: - I don’t own Yoosu.... and the others as well.
Warning: - Mpreg. Think as the world where men can get pregnant… which is my world.
Summary: - Junsu was a lost child, his parents were dead, he is in the darkness that no one could full him towards to light.... he didn’t know where his God....is?

My Darkness and The Light!

Chapter 6

End of flashback

Junsu waited for Yoochun to return back to their bedroom, he was lying on the bed and its was 1:24am. That when he heard a sound of door opened he knew it was Yoochun who walked in the room. Junsu didn’t move from his side of bed as he felt his husband getting under the duvet. Junsu want to say something to him but then he thought it can wait until morning so he closed his eyes tried to sleep.


Next morning

When Junsu woke up, he saw the bed was empty there was no sign of Yoochun, he check the time which read 8:32am. He hurried and got off the bed and went into Minho’s room to get him ready for school.

“Minho I am sorry, I am late!!” Junsu said as he walks in the room but he didn’t see his son in the room.

“Minho” he went downstairs has he called for his son…

“Bill where Minho is?” he asked the servant.

“Sir took Minho to school and told you too pick him after school...”

“Ok thank you Bill” he walks up to his bedroom and went to the bathroom. Junsu felt little wired and worried that Yoochun didn’t wake him up today usually Yoochun wakes him up when he’s sleeps till late.


That night Yoochun came home very late, around 10pm. Junsu waited for him, and he even called his husband few times but there was no answer. When he saw Yoochun walking into the living room, he got up and went to him.

“Yoochun sshi” his husband didn’t reply to him, Yoochun put his laptop bag on the sofa and took his jacket off at the same time he looked in to his wife eyes. “I’ll get your dinner ready”

“No that fine I had my dinner, and don’t wait for me next. Is Minho asleep?” he told his wife.

“Yes. Minho waited for you, so Yoochun sshi can read him a story” Junsu knew he is very upset with what happened last night.

“Good, don’t worry I’ll make it up too him tomorrow” Yoochun walked away from his side. Junsu took the bag and jacket and walk behind him.

Yoochun straight went to bathroom in his bedroom, and Junsu put his things away. Not long before he came out of bathroom.

“Yoochun sshi I am sorry for yesterday, I didn’t mean too.” Junsu apologize again.

“Look Junsu I am tired and sleepy, I am going to hit the bed” he got under duvet and turns off his side of lamp. Junsu did the same thing. Tears fell out from his eyes like rain...

2 weeks later

Yoochun had stopped talking with him, no more any morning and good night wishes. He comes late very night and leaving home early in mornings. And for the weekend Yoochun takes Minho out without him and ignores him all times. he was very upset but anything he can do... he tried talking with him it didn’t work. He misses the old Yoochun and his smiling and happy face.

“Junsu! Junsu!”

“H-huh!” Junsu reply to his mother in law.

“What’s wrong with you Junsu?” She question him, she could tell something was wrong between him and Yoochun.

“N-nothing is wrong Mum” he looks at her.

“You look terrible, you have dark circles under your eyes and looks like you have lost weight” she was worried for him. “is something bothering you”

“I’m ok it’s just I haven’t been sleeping well for last few days” he smile

“Well if you say so but I’ll tell Yoochun to take you to the doctor”

“No that fine, I’ll let Yoochun sshi know” Junsu has been feel dizzy and tired for last two day but he didn’t want his family to worry for small thing.

“when are they coming back?” she asked a question.

“I am not sure, Yoochun sshi didn’t say anything!”

“call your husband and asks when they be back...? I miss Minho, when he is not round It our home feel empty ”

“They’ll be here mum soon, you worry too much. Yoochun sshi just want to spend time with his son”
“yeah Junsu you’re right.”

“MUMMMMY” Minho screamed walking towards to Junsu, he saw Yoochun let go off Minho hand and Minho and the dog came running to him.

“Hi honey. Did you have fun with daddy!”He hugged Minho and the dog starts barking “you too Sandy”
“mhmm... mummy” Junsu kiss him, and he looks towards Yoochun, who was smiling. He thought ‘I’ll try talking to him again’

“mummy I am hungry?” Minho told Junsu.

After dinner when Junsu was trying to get Minho ready for bed but his son has other ideas, Minho was running around because he didn’t want to sleep and Junsu ran after his son.

“Minho c’mon now, it’s time for bed”

“No Mummy” Junsu caught him and smiled.

“Look at the time 9:46pm, be good boy” he told his son but he got free and he ran out of his bedroom “that’s it! No TV for you” as he walk out of the room as well. Junsu went straight to his bedroom.

“I know you are here Minho!” he told him, room was empty. He opened bathroom and walked in, Junsu stood still there with his eyes wide opened...he saw his husband in shower naked. When Yoochun see Junsu standing in the bathroom, he comes out off shower and puts towel round his waist.

“Junsu! Junsu!” he calls his wife

“Eh huh..?” Junsu mind was blanked.

“What are you doing here?”

“Oh...eh... I mhmm... Min... nAkEddDSJBVJEWR” he felt warm but still not move his eyes.

“Huh! What?” he asked Junsu, and smiled, his wife hasn’t move eyes from Yoochun. “Junsu, HELLO!” he waved his hand to his face. and laughed.

“Sorry I am looking for Minho!” he lowers his eyes looking at the floor.

“Well he’s not here for sure...” he went closer to him. “Do you need to use the shower Junsu?” he moves his head saying no to Yoochun. Junsu turn and has he take step out of the bathroom. His right foot slips before he could fall on the floor Yoochun caught him in his arms (romantic pose LOL) both of them stares at each other face.



Sorry for late update, I was so busy with work. This weekend was long and I end up coming back to the fics! I have so many ideas but I don’t have time to sit down and write... if I do get time tomorrow I’ll update YunJae fic!
Thanks to:- klongzieha and phinea2009 for lovely birthday wishes, this Chapter is for you two THANK YOU
klongziehaklongzieha on May 20th, 2013 05:50 am (UTC)
thanks for this chapter...please do update soon...can't wait for the update...really enjoy the fic..
susuiesusuie on May 20th, 2013 09:41 am (UTC)
I hope yoochun can understand why su can't sleep with him..
update as soon as possible please