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23 March 2013 @ 06:57 pm
[Fic] My Darkness and the Light! [REPOST]  
Title: - My Darkness and the Light! [REPOST]
Author: - ranilukes
Pairing: - Yoosu, Yunjae, Minho and Changmin
Genre: - Drama, Romance
Rating: - PG
Disclaimer: - I don’t own Yoosu.... and the others as well.
Warning: - Mpreg. Think as the world where men can get pregnant… which is my world.
Summary: - Junsu was a lost child, his parents were dead, he is in the darkness that no one could full him towards to light.... he didn’t know where his God....

My Darkness and The Light!

Chapter 5

(Week 7-8 pregnancy)

It’s been a week since Junsu started living with Yoochun. Junsu got use to the new life with Yoochun, getting to know everything about new house. Yoochun order him to not to do any work around the house, as he remember what his husband said to him “that why we have a servant for it!”

Junsu didn’t like sitting all the time or sleeping. He wanted to help around! But Yoochun was worried for him and the baby, because of his morning sickness has gotten worst, However, Yoochun was right making him stay in bed is good for the baby. He rethought the word ‘baby’ again...

They were having dinner and the room was so quiet the only sound came was from knife and fork? Junsu thought Yoochun is a very quiet person. He spends most of his days in office and when he gets home always comes to see him to check on him if I am Ok..... He even calls me 2 or three times a day... but he still doesn’t know him that well? We are husband and wife just for namesake! Yoochun is very kind and good hearted man.

Few days later

It was somewhere around 4pm in the afternoon, and Junsu was in the grander reading book sitting on the swing! Then he hard his name someone is calling him, so he got up when inside the house saw Yoochun call out his name... What happened he thought and Yoochun looked very worried?

“Junsu where were you!...” Yoochun asked him before Junsu could say anything’s.

“My mum is coming home from NY; she called me an hour ago...And she will kill me, for not telling her I got married, and if she finds out that we don’t have any relationship with each other and if we are not sleeping together in same room. So please while she home, lets sleep in my bedroom ok...” he said this in one breathe, he looked like scared pappy Junsu couldn’t help it but to smile. That was the first-time Yoochun had seen Junsu look happy....

“Yoochun sshi sounds like you are scared of your mother” Junsu was laughing at the same time...
“I am... You don’t know my mum, she is a Hitler!!!” he still is panicking, “I am dead for sure” Yoochun ran his hand through hair but he also notices Junsu was smiling and laughing for the first time. He looked so cute, Yoochun forgot for moments.

“I already told Bill move your thing into my room is that okay!” his husband is waiting for Junsu answer.

“Yes its fine” he reply.

“And let me do the talking! We need to get our story right.” Yoochun told him.


That evening, they were sitting in a living room waiting for Mrs. Park! When his mother came into the living room called “Micky” Yoochun look up saw his mum standing other sides of the living room he walks toward her and hugged her....

“Mum. how are you? and how’s was New York?” Yoochun asked her.

“I am fine. I missed you Micky,” kissing her son.

“Ma I am not child anymore stop calling me by that name”

“aigoo” Mrs. Park pinched her son’s cheek. Has she saw Junsu, who was standing away from mother and son...

“And Yoochun... Who is this?” pointing at Junsu. Yoochun walk to Junsu and put an arm around his waist and said!

“Mum this is my wife Junsu and Junsu this is my mother” introducing them... Junsu bowed down to his mother in law.

“Nice too meet you Mrs Park!!!!” he didn’t know what to call her!

“You got married and didn’t tell me, your own mother!.. Give me a reason, or I’ll kick you’re a*s” his mother was angry.

“Sorry mum it happened so quickly, but I was going to tell when you get home plus you wanted me to marry someone and give you grand children’s!!” his mother slap him on his arm and kicked on his leg.

“Oww! Mum that hurts why....!” Yoochun cried in pain. Junsu looked at both them and started crying... Mrs. Park saw Junsu crying and went up to him and said,

“why are you crying Junsu, I am not mad at you, call me mum Junsu if my son hurt you or does anything to you let me know. I will bite him up... Ok don’t cry” Mrs. Park hugged him, and Yoochun came and stand next to them put his hand on Junsu’s head...

“Junsu you don’t have to worry about me. We are always like this, all the times!” she let go to him, and Yoochun said

“You must be hungry Junsu! Mum, do you want to eat first or get a refresher?”

“I like to eat with my son in law first” she took Junsu hand and pulls him to dining table....

After the drama, they were sitting on sofa Junsu and Mrs. Park was sitting together she was asking questions to both them....

“Mum I need to tell you something!!!” Yoochun told his mother...


“Junsu is eight-week pregnant mum” Mrs. Park was socked.

“You knocked him up as well!!!....” she looks to Junsu hold his hand and said

“Thank You So Much Junsu for give me a grandchild I am happy” she kissed on his forehead and got up walk to her son, who was sitting, and she hit him on his head....

“Ow Ma!!.. That’s really harts mum” crying

“Well you deserve this one” she laughed and turns around told Junsu that he looks tired and told them to go to bed..

its little boring and if there are any mistakes just correct them in your head or tell me?
I'll update chapter 6 soon Thank you...
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puuismynamepuuismyname on March 23rd, 2013 09:07 pm (UTC)
update! ^^ not much happen in this chappie~ but Yoochun Mama sure is Hitler~ LOL XD
shybon2shybon2 on March 24th, 2013 02:40 am (UTC)
i love yr fic
roughmetal2roughmetal2 on March 24th, 2013 02:47 am (UTC)
Hahaha yoochun is so cute being afraid of his mom. I love mrs park. She may seem like hitler but she looks like a wonderful mother-in-law. Junsu is very lucky to have mother and son beside him.
ieie_luphieie_luph on March 24th, 2013 03:58 am (UTC)
too short ><
I need moar kekeke

funny chun's mom.. luph her and u :*
shiny17shiny17 on May 17th, 2013 07:32 am (UTC)
Na ah, i dont think its boring.. its nice story=)