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28 January 2013 @ 10:09 pm
[Fic] My Darkness and the Light! [REPOST]  
Title: - My Darkness and the Light! [REPOST]
Author: - ranilukes
Pairing: - Yoosu, Yunjae, Minho and Changmin
Genre: - Drama, Romance
Rating: - PG
Disclaimer: - I don’t own Yoosu.... and the others as well.
Warning: - Mpreg. Think as the world where men can get pregnant… which is my world.
Summary: - Junsu was a lost child, his parents were dead, he is in the darkness that no one could full him towards to light.... he didn’t know where his God....is?

My Darkness and The Light!

Chapter 4

Flashback continue (we are in past don’t forget guys)

Junsu open his eyes feeling little cold and also he had headaches. His eyes were searching for Yoochun who wasn’t in room. Junsu thought what he is going to do now and there is a living thing in his womb. That beast’s child in him, he doesn’t want the baby... a tear fall on to his pillow. After hour or so the doctor came to check on him, he said everything looks good even the baby as well. And nurse brought breakfast and made him eat all of it, when the nurse was leaving he asked where was Yoochun?

“Oh Mr Park went home!... don’t worry he will be back” she replied to him and left the room.

Junsu want to leave the hospital before anyone comes back, so he got up of the bed, when his feet touched the aground he felt so cold but he didn’t care, he pulled the IV needle out, which made him scream in pain but luckily no one heard him! His legs were wobbly feeling weak, he walk out of room and he sees a coat on chair, has he puts the coat on, he was still bare feet. Somehow he manage to walk to the lift than suddenly Junsu felt a pain in his tummy he lean his hand on the wall and he knew his is not going to be able to stand for second now!, the lift door opened and people came out of the lift….

Junsu was about to fall now but two hands caught him but before he could say anything the darkness took over his eyes.

Again he saw the white light and the sound of monitor beeping... in the room! He was still in hospital. Junsu look at the sofa and there was same man sitting there with a laptop. Junsu try to move his body that when the pain hit him and cry out “aaaah mhmm”

Yoochun saw Junsu in pain he quickly got up to help…… “Are you ok!..” he helps him to sit up and gave him glass of water after that Junsu felt little better.

“What were you thinking Junsu?” Yoochun puts his fingers on his forehead, but it made Junsu angry and he screams at Yoochun “why do you care? It none of your business!!..... And who are you too me?” feeling better.

“I just want to help...” he looks at Junsu.

“Well I don’t need your help or your pity...” he was taking his anger out on Yoochun.

“Feel better now…” Yoochun asked him.

“You can’t raise your child on your own… I like to help you with…..” before he could finish Junsu scream at him again.

”I don’t want…. It, I don’t want to have that bastard child?” it made Yoochun so mad at him.

“So in other words you want to kill him or her!! And even the child has done nothing wrong! How can you say this Junsu...”

“I..... Don’t.... OH GOD...?” he put his hands on his face and cried Yoochun hugged him told him everything is going to be ok…


Yoochun persuades him to do the right thing, after spending a week or more in hospital; it was his last day in the hospital. They had agreement that they will get married so Yoochun can give his name to the child and Junsu in order to take care of them. After he got discharge from the hospital they went to marriage registration office, Yoochun told him he is taking him to Seoul that’s where he lives with his mother. Junsu has never been to Seoul city before. He asked Yoochun “why are you doing this?”

Yoochun said “I don’t know why… But I don’t want anything in return! You need help and it the right thing me to do…” Those words are meant lot to Junsu, its new life with new name; “Mrs. Park Junsu” he thought.

When they arrived to Seoul airport he was scared seeing so many people, but Yoochun put his arm round on his waist hold him and told him not be scared...


When the car stops in front of big the house Yoochun took his hand and helps him out of the car, when Junsu saw his house, he was in shock... Yoochun chuckled when his saw his wife face.

“Junsu why don’t you rest for bit… Bill why don’t you show Junsu his room?” he told the servant and Junsu followed him. His bedroom was very big had a balcony, as he look outside it was very quiet even though they were in the city. He came back in room and sites on the bed feeling tried and sleepy……

“Junsu!... wake up” he opens his eyes… “Yoochun sshi” while sitting up.

“Dinner time Junsu, you slept for three and half hours.” He told his wife


“c’mon let’s go downstairs” Yoochun helped Junsu to get up from bed.

“Food is ready sir” the servant Yoochun.


The table was full of different dishes food; Junsu was so hungry he could eat all of the food!
“Eat” Yoochun told him, after having four bits of sweet chilli chicken, he felt lamp in his throat. Feeling nauseated, he got up and ask Bill where was bathroom.

“Junsu …! What happened?” Yoochun running after Junsu, he was worried.

“Junsu can I come in!” waiting outside of bathroom only reply he got was “barf” sound of vomiting. Lucky for Yoochun the door wasn’t lock he made himself in saw Junsu head on the edge of toilet seat.
“Are you ok!” pulling Junsu hair back which were on his face…..

“Junsu are you ok?” asked again, he nod saying yes. Yoochun helped him up he wash his face and brushed.

Yoochun could tell Junsu was feeling weak and dizzy; Junsu doesn’t have the energy to walk. Suddenly Junsu felt himself in the air; he saw Yoochun holding him in his arms. Junsu took hold of Yoochun’s shirt. Yoochun place him on bed covering him duvet and gave him water to drink.

“Do you want anything else?” he asked

“No thank you” he felt very weak...

“Well if you need anything let me know or Bill here? Ok” gave him smile

“My room is just next to your!” turn to leave the room he heard;

“Yoochun... sshi” Junsu call him.

“Yes Junsu!!” waiting for reply.

“Can you stay with me please…? This house is very new for me” Junsu was bit scared
Yoochun smiled said “yes of course… let me get my laptop”

Yoochun told his servant to get his laptop and a cup of coffee? Yoochun sites on the small sofa in Junsu room. Junsu saw Yoochun busy working on his laptop for 15 or 20 minutes then he had fell asleep. When he saw that Junsu was fast sleep… He got up and went to his bedroom…

this chapter is little boring... sorry
susuiesusuie on January 28th, 2013 11:50 pm (UTC)
hope junsu can trust yoochun fully..
ranilukeranilukes on January 29th, 2013 04:44 pm (UTC)
I hope so
puuismyname: bed?puuismyname on January 29th, 2013 01:24 am (UTC)
Yoochun is so nice~ ^^
mmm i notice a little mistake from you. i dunno if you type it wrong not on purpose or else.
cot = coat
tack = take
wisest = waist
cap = cup
i'm sorry if i seems so rude to you *bow*
ranilukeranilukes on January 29th, 2013 02:41 am (UTC)
Thank you for pointing out my spelling mistakes... actually I type so fast, and I don't do any proofreading coz sometime I just get bored of reading same things...
or maybe I didn't see it because I didn't had my glasses for last few weeks...LOL
don't be sorry,you did the right thing by telling me...

Thank you for reading and commenting^^
roughmetal2roughmetal2 on January 29th, 2013 02:20 pm (UTC)
yoochun is so good to junsu from the start. junsu should be good to him too.
ranilukeranilukes on January 29th, 2013 04:45 pm (UTC)